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In All Out War, Tim Shipman has presented an in-depth study of the Brexit phenomena, and of the two very different campaigns that led to the Brexit phenomenon. He grounds his analysis in the political climate that led then-Prime Minister David Cameron to call for a referendum on the matter of Britain's relationship with the EU. Cameron hoped that, by doing so, he would end the British debate about EU membership once and for all, and thereby quiet the Eurosceptics in Parliament. Shipman also shows how Cameron's mistake was then compounded by the mistakes of the Stay campaign, which did not fully engage with the electorate in the same manner as the Leave campaign, by finding key issues and tying them to the issue of Brexit. Overall, Cameron’s mistakes and Leave’s audacity coupled with the defection of key players such as Boris Johnson and thus led to the UK's collective decision to leave the European Union.

Due to the significance of the Brexit event, combined with Shipman's exhaustive research, All Out War provides a seminal case study of how anti-globalization efforts might unfold in other instances in the future, and hence offers a variety of insights into how pro-integration actors might anticipate challenges to their agendas. At the same time, the vast number of case-specific factors which ultimately led to the pro-Brexit vote suggest that what has occurred in Britain cannot, by itself, be taken as clear evidence of a more general anti-globalization trend.



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