WGRN Update:

WGRN Newsletter, December 2015

End-of-year greetings to World Government Research Network members and Advisory Board members.

World State Debate authors and interviewees. Clockwise from top left: Richard Falk, Cornelia Beyer, Alexander Wendt, David Petraeus.

World State Debate authors and interviewees. Clockwise from top left: Richard Falk, Cornelia Beyer, Alexander Wendt, David Petraeus.

It has been a fruitful first year for the network.

WGRN launched in late spring 2015, with a web site, Twitter feed (@wgovtresearch) and a senior Advisory Board featuring an outstanding group of international scholars.

Highlights from the past 8 months include:

The publication of 18 articles, interviews and responses on The World State Debate feature at the web site. These include a recent interview with Gen. David Petraeus on North American integration, and a provocative response from Ivan Farías Pelcastre of the University of Southern California. The World State Debate also has published new work by Alexander Wendt, Martin Shaw, Campbell Craig, and an interview with Richard Falk on his life’s work theorizing and advocating more humane global governance – but not full global government. Watch for upcoming interviews with Dan Deudney and Christien van den Anker, and many more compelling articles.

We also have had a very positive response to the first academic event to be organized by

Andreas Bummel and Ivan Farias Pelcastre

Andreas Bummel and Ivan Farias Pelcastre

WGRN, a workshop ‘The Practical Politics of Global Integration’ to be held in Brisbane, June 2016. It is being underwritten by Griffith University’s Center for Governance and Public Policy and features presentations by Alex Wendt, Dan Deudney, Toni Erskine, Thomas Pogge, Terry Macdonald, and other leading scholars and activists (http://wgresearch.org/workshop-the-practical-politics-of-global-integration/)

The Twitter feed has likewise seen a strong response, with steady growth to now 350 followers (@wgovtresearch)

Finally, the past year has seen the development of research resources – including an
annotated bibliography of global integration, global democracy and
federalism sources – and teaching resources on the web site.

In 2016. . .

We’ll launch the first WGRN campaign, ‘World Government Week’. This will encourage instructors to incorporate a week on world government in their introductory International Relations and related courses. Research assistants are compiling information, and the campaign will launch early in the new year.

If you would like to propose an article or interview for The World State Debate, please contact WSD Editor James Thompson at ThompsonJA@hiram.edu To propose research or teaching resources, or to notify us of salient activities, please contact Luis Cabrera at l.cabrera@griffith.edu.au

Many thanks for your support, and best wishes for 2016
Luis Cabrera and James Thompson, WGRN Co-convenors

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