World Government Week


World Government Week is a WGRN initiative aimed at encouraging university teachers to incorporate a week on world government into their International Relations, International Political Theory and related courses.

The literature and dialogue on world government, global democracy and constitutionalization has been remarkably rich in recent years. The reading lists below offer Suggested Readings for the week, as well as an extended list of Further Reading suitable for UK reading lists and useful for students undertaking independent research.

The annotated reading list contains summary descriptions of the arguments and significance of the required and suggested works.

Below, you’ll also find sample Power Point presentations on world government and global democracy. We hope this material will be useful to you, and we very much hope you will consider integrating some of it into your introductory or advanced courses. Our experience has been that students become quite engaged with pro- and con world government arguments, setting the stage for some very lively classroom discussion.

If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to share your own material or classroom experiences, please contact Luis Cabrera at

World Government Week Readings

Annotated WG Week Readings 7-16
WG Week Readings–not anntd 7-16

Power Point Presentations

S Slaughter WGovt PPt

Cabrera WG PPt

David Held–global democracy PPt

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