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globe ringsThis page offers links to organizational web sites relating to world government, global democracy and aspects of global economic, political and legal integration. To recommend a page to list, please contact Luis Cabrera at


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1) Official site of the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. The Berlin-based organization has enlisted pledges of support from more than 1400 parliamentarians worldwide and represents one of the most important current movements for democratic global political integration. Its site is available in English, German, French and Spanish.


2) Official site of the World Government of World Citizens. Much of this site is dedicated to the ideas and career of Garry Davis, the renowned ‘World Citizen No. 1’ who renounced his US citizenship in 1948 and claimed world citizenship on ‘UN soil’ in France. The site offers a good deal of useful historical material, and it still offers application forms for The World Passport.



3) Official site of the World Federalist Movement. Dating to 1947, it is one of the longest standing organizations devoted to the promotion of global political integration. The site contains a great deal of current information related to world government, as well as details on how the organization continues to promote its global institutional vision:



4) Official site of the Democratic World Federalists, formerly the World Federalists of Northern California, based in San Francisco. The organization continues the strong tradition of global integration thinking in California, where in 1949 the United World Federalists of California successfully lobbied the state Legislature to pass the California Resolution, calling for US participation in developing a world government. It was followed by several similar resolutions in other states. The site features information on a number of initiatives and offers details on past and present world federalism efforts.